Can Fundbox guarantee that my customers will be approved?

Fundbox cannot guarantee that your customer will be approved for Fundbox Credit™.

To qualify for Fundbox Credit, your customer must meet the following basic criteria:

  1. Be a business, not a consumer
  2. Have been in business for at least 1 year
  3. Have a business checking account with at least 1 year of consistent use

You can only use Fundbox Pay with customers who have been approved for Fundbox Credit.

How to apply for Fundbox Credit

Signing up for Fundbox Pay and applying for Fundbox Credit does not affect your customers’ personal credit or other credit applications. We do not pull their FICO scores when assessing them for credit. Instead of doing a personal credit check, we assess businesses based on bank account information.

To apply for Fundbox Credit, your customers must register and:

  1. Securely connect their bank account to Fundbox Pay, and
  2. Select the checking account that’s most representative of their business transactions

This gives us insight into your customers’ business performance and allows us to make a credit decision without pulling their FICO score. We’ll give your customers a credit decision in hours. If approved, they can send payments to you on Fundbox Pay.

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