How does my customer sign up?

Your business customers can sign up in as little as 2 minutes and with no financial commitment.

Step-by-step, your customer:

  1. Goes to your Fundbox Pay URL (located in your “Invite Customers” tab) or to
  2. Creates an account with a business email, phone number, and password
  3. Answers some qualification questions, like how many years they’ve been in business, annual revenue, and EIN details
  4. Applies for Fundbox Credit by securely connecting their bank account to Fundbox Pay. They’ll enter their bank username and password.
  5. Allows Fundbox to make a credit decision by selecting the checking account that’s most representative of their business transactions. 

Fundbox does not pull your customer’s FICO score, and signing up does not affect their personal credit or other credit applications.

They’ll receive a credit decision from Fundbox within hours. If approved for Fundbox Credit, your customer can send payments and get extended terms with Fundbox Pay.

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