Instant recrediting on Fundbox Pay

What is instant recrediting?

Instant recrediting is a premium feature for eligible businesses. When you repay a Fundbox payment in full, the amount you repaid (minus the fees) becomes immediately available in your credit limit. With instant recrediting, you can use your available Fundbox Credit™ to make another purchase right away.

For example: You paid your seller $5,500 on Fundbox Pay with your Fundbox Credit. When you repay Fundbox for that amount in full, you can get $5,500 instantly added to your available credit.

Instant recrediting allows you to:

  1. Increase your available credit immediately
  2. Buy what your business needs without waiting for Fundbox’s weekly debit and the ACH transfer

How do I get instant recrediting?

Instant recrediting may not be available for every transaction. Your business’s transactions may qualify if you have:

  • Never missed a weekly Fundbox payment
  • Repaid more than $2,000 historically in Fundbox Pay

If your transaction qualifies, we’ll leave you a note at the bottom of the repayment pane.

You don’t need to take any further action to take advantage of instant recrediting. Once you repay in full, your available credit will increase immediately.


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