How do I request a payment from my customer?

How do I request a payment?

Request a payment from your customer in a few steps:

  1. From your Fundbox Pay Dashboard, click on “Request” to begin
  2. Enter the amount you’re owed, the corresponding customer, and a memo detailing your payment request
  3. Click “Request"




What happens after I request a payment?

Whenever you request a payment from a customer in Fundbox Pay, we’ll notify that business with an email. If your customer is already using Fundbox Pay, they'll log into their account to confirm your payment request. 


Customers without Fundbox Pay accounts

If your customer hasn't yet applied for Net-60 terms from Fundbox Pay, they must first create an account and get approved for Fundbox Credit. If approved, they can use their credit to confirm your payment request–you'll get paid right away and they'll get 60 days to pay us back with no interest. 

When you request a payment from a customer without an account, we'll send them an email branded with your business information. The email conveys the payment request information, and explains the benefits of Fundbox Pay. 



When do I get paid on a payment request?

Your customer has to accept your payment request before we can transfer funds to you. They have 10 business days to accept before that request expires.

If your customer accepts your payment request, we’ll transfer funds, less a 2.9% processing fee, similar to standard credit card transaction rates. Funds will arrive in the bank account you have on file in Fundbox Pay in as little as 1 business day.

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