What is the Customers Tab?

The Customers Tab shows you which customers have outstanding invoices and lets you request payments all in one place, making it easier to for you to get paid right away. 


You will see this information if you have connected your accounting software to Fundbox. 

Columns in the Customers Tab


In this column, you'll see the names of customers who have outstanding invoices, as represented in your accounting software. 


The Status column tells you whether your customer already uses Fundbox Pay. 

  • "Uses Fundbox Pay" means that your customer has a Fundbox Pay account, but you have not transacted together on Fundbox Pay yet. 
  • "Connected on Fundbox Pay" means that this customer has paid you before on Fundbox Pay.

Owes you

This column adds up the value of this customer's outstanding invoices from your accounting software. 

Request Payment

The Request Payment link allows you to easily request the outstanding amount–or a custom amount–from a customer in a few clicks. 

I don't see the Customers Tab in my account

If you don't see this tab in your Fundbox Pay account, it's likely because you have not yet connected your accounting software to Fundbox. Sometimes, accounts can also get disconnected. If you have questions about your accounting software connection, please call (855) 205-9720. 

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