What is the Invite Tab?

The Invite Tab houses many tools that help you introduce Fundbox Pay to customers. You may also introduce your customers to Fundbox Pay by requesting a payment


Sections in the Invite Tab

This article will highlight the individual tools within the Invite tab and explain how you can use them to introduce your customers to Fundbox Pay.

Your Fundbox Pay link

In your Fundbox Pay account, you'll find a branded link. You can easily send this link to your customers in emails, on invoices generated by your accounting software, on business cards, on your website or on your social media profiles. 

This link gives your customers a more personalized gateway to Fundbox Pay.


Email invites

Enter in the email addresses of the customers you'd like to pay you on Fundbox Pay. You can preview the email that will be sent by clicking on the Preview next to the Send button. 

You'll see the status of past invites to know if your customers have signed up for Fundbox Pay. 

Tips for introducing your customers to Fundbox Pay

Many businesses like the assets within the Invite tab, but prefer to introduce their customers to Fundbox Pay by requesting a payment. 

Customers who receive a payment request are 12x more likely to sign up for Fundbox Pay than when they receive an invitation with no payment information.


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