Where can I find my transaction history?

Where can I find my transaction history?

As a Seller using Fundbox with your business customers, you can download a detailed report of your Fundbox transaction history at any time.

Make sure you’re logged in to your Fundbox Pay account. On the left side menu, choose “Settings.”

In Settings, choose the “Profile” tab. There, you’ll see an option to download a transaction history report as a .csv file. Click the link to “Download.”

Your transaction history report will contain detailed information for all of your Fundbox transactions and their metadata, including payment date, credit date and amount, transaction status and amount, the name of the customer with whom you transacted, fee amounts, and any memo text you added when sending the payment request.

Note: If you haven’t completed any transactions, your transaction report will appear blank.


The above image displays where to download your transaction history report.


How can I use my transaction history?

You may find it useful to have a copy of your transaction history for a number of reasons. Use your transaction history to reconcile your internal financial records, confirm past payments, or track down the purpose for ACH transfers to your bank account. You might also wish to share it with your tax preparer, bookkeeper, or accountant.

The information in your transaction history report will always be up to date within one business day. The Fundbox transaction history report makes it easy to keep track of your financial records, no matter what system or software you prefer to use for financial record keeping.

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