What is the "Webpage" tab?

The “Your Webpage” tab will allow you to create a personalized web page to send to your customers. This allows for a more personable experience when asking your customers to register for Fundbox Pay.

Start by uploading an image of your company logo.  You can then choose your brand colors to use on the page.  From there, you may choose an image to display at the top of your page.  After everything looks good, select “Save”. If you change your mind, you can always edit the page right from your dashboard.

How do I find the Hex Code to change my brand color?

To locate the Hex Code for your brand color(s), you may visit this site. As you move the colored dot along the colored line, the colors will change.  As you move the white dot around the rectangle, the Hex Code at the left will change.  This is the Hex Code you will want to enter while building your webpage.

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